Curved Double Glazing Units

We have been producing glass for all models of campers for more than 25 years!

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Glass is one of the oldest materials known to people, and with the constant improvement of technology, new possibilities for its use are opening up. Glass is more and more often used in modern interiors; it is especially useful in small rooms and looks great in places where there is a lot of space, light. Non-standard glass solutions used in the exteriors of buildings emphasize the space, give it lightness and guarantee exclusivity. One of those types of solutions is curved glass.

Curving of glass is a heat treatment of glass, during which it is heated to a softening temperature in a special furnace and molded.

Many years of Finglass experience in the production of curved glass allows us to produce the most complex curved glass products. Such products are used in the construction and design of domes, winter gardens, facades and other objects.

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